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Why is somatic-based coaching so effective?

How somatic-based coaching resolves those chronic issues, for good.

Somatic-based coaching is not talk therapy, nor is it yoga/meditation.

The word "Somatic" comes from the Greek word Soma, which loosely means the body's wisdom or body consciousness. While it might seem like a buzzword these days, this modern therapeutic modality has ancient roots.

The first step to understanding somatic-based coaching is learning, contrary to centuries of mind/body dualism, that the body and mind are inseparable. This understanding differentiates the modality from western style talk therapy. I’ll use the term Bodymind from here on out.

Think of your Bodymind like a tree. 

The Bodymind as a tree and why somatic-based coaching is so effective.

The roots are your nervous system, supporting the whole tree. This is where the deepest beliefs are held. The trunk and limbs are your sensations and emotions. The crown of the tree with the leaves are your thoughts. Thoughts actually come last in the order of self-expression, just like a tree.  

Most people are disembodied, meaning unaware of their bodily sensations, and living in their heads.  Because of this, I’ve had clients who have spent years talking about their issue (ei, leaves of the tree) finally get results after a few somatic coaching sessions brought them into their body and addressed the roots. 

How Somatic Based Coaching works.

Just like in nature, our roots are affected by our environment. From early childhood development to small or large traumas, these experiences leave a mark, sometimes so deep in the roots that we’re not aware of it, and yet we’re not thriving in a particular area.

In somatic-based coaching, we follow sensation and emotion down into the root system where our deep patterns lie. We then use specific tools to untangle the knots in the roots so the whole tree can thrive. 

The language of the deepest parts of your root system is not word-based; it is much more primal. In somatic-based coaching, we use the primal tools of sound, movement, and breath to give your roots “voice” so they can heal.

After the knots are released, we nurture your nervous system with goodness to build a new pattern. You know, like sun, rain, and some good compost. 

Because the issue is addressed at the root and a new, healthy pattern is nurtured, most people experience lasting results. They also experience increased thriving in all areas of life, since, like the tree analogy, all parts of life are interconnected.

In conclusion

If you've been cycling over and over again on the same issue and not getting results, try somatic-based coaching. Because it untangles wounds at root and rewires the whole system through nurturance, this creates an integration through the Bodymind leading to lasting results and increased wellbeing in all areas.

After decades of my own healing journey and working with clients, I have found this modality very effective at resolving issues, for good.

Curious? I’d love to share more with you.

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