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Empower your pleasure, liberate innate vitality and own your sexuality


Empower your pleasure, liberate innate vitality and own your sexuality

Alive with Nuria Reed

A 8-Week Pleasure Masterclass for Women

In this 8-week course you’ll:

  • Awaken your innate pleasure and orgasmic potential.

  • Safely integrate pelvic pain and numbness 

  • Learn to orgasm without using a toy, fantasy, porn or a specific position.

  • Connect with the source of unlimited energy that is your erotic aliveness.

  • Turn on your desire by embodying your boundaries in and out of the bedroom.

  • Clear trauma and shame and own your sexuality.

  • And so much more!

Empower your pleasure, liberate innate vitality and own your sexuality

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Healing our sexuality is the deepest level of healing.


It requires us to address our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and even ancestral conditioning. 


In ancient traditions, a woman's pelvis was the source of her energy. When we tap into our power center with conscious attention to heal, our whole system rewires and overflows.


The result? A life of freedom, vitality, radiance, and pleasure (on tap!).

I get it. Sex can be hard. 

It can feel so isolating to be the one with the "issue” while everyone else seems to be doing it easily (they probably aren’t). You may have been struggling for a long time, or a recent life change, such as a baby, triggered something in you.

If you're like me, you’ve tried talk therapy, read books, or even something more profound, like psychedelics, and still haven't gotten the results you want, and you're starting to wonder, “What's wrong with me?” 

Let me tell you, you’re not broken! You haven't gone deep enough into your body yet.. Because sex happens in our body (not our heads), we must go into the nervous system to heal. And we have to do it with guidance from someone who understands in a safe and non-judgmental space

Trust me. If I could grow from sexually shut-down to fully empowered, you can, too!

A conscious pleasure practice can solve modern issues like:

  • Lack of interest in sex solo or partnered

  • Pelvic pain, vaginismus and pain with penetration

  • Addiction to vibrators, porn and fantasy

  • Lethargy, low vitality and and numbness 

  • Feeling disempowered or helpless 

Empower your pleasure, liberate innate vitality and own your sexuality

Your pelvis holds the key to your greatest vitality and

That's why Alive is here to support you. No matter what your relationship to pleasure is like, you can experience the erotic aliveness that is your birthright.

And this course makes it safe, judgment free and liberating.

Women who own their sexuality and practice conscious pleasure also experience: 

  • Deep self connection and greater self love
  • More powerful orgasm including energy orgasms and cervical orgasms
  • Awakened spiritual states
  • Increased radiance, magnetism and feelings of self worth.
  • More confidently ask for what they want, in and out of the bedroom
  • Greater ease through their menstrual cycles and the phases of womanhood 

When we heal sexuality, we heal holistically.

Each of the eight Alive modules will support you in owning your sexuality and upleveling your energy through teachings, practices, and community support.

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