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Regulate your nervous system, meet your real self

How a dysregulated nervous system impacts your ability to see your real self and what to do about it.

A women taking off sunglasses and seeing herself without trauma

Recently, on my office floor (where I do all my best work ), I cried in celebration. There was no crisis. Everything was beautiful.

"I'm so proud of you," I said, "you're doing such a good job."

I cried because I’ve come so far. I could finally SEE my real self. My beauty, power and success. The safety of my reality and so much more. I took the glasses of trauma ALL the way off.

Let me explain:

When you're locked in a dysregulated nervous system (aka trauma), you can't see clearly. It's like wearing glasses that distort reality.

This level of healing is a subtle process. Because you were essentially born with these glasses, the distortion seems like Truth with a capital T.

Only through digesting and regulating the subtle layers of pain woven into the nervous system, can you meet your real self- beautiful, whole, powerful.

What's heartbreaking is that people spend their whole lives seeing themselves and the world through a distorted lens. If there's no active crisis, they stop their healing process before they take the glasses ALL the way off.

But also, how could they know they had glasses on in the first place? This is the catch...

We need someone to hold another reality for us until we can see it ourselves.

Someone who has done their own nervous system regulation work, intergenerational healing, spiritual development and can SEE clearly.

This is the magic of support. There's no fixing or pathologizing, but rather, it's a space to be held in your potential and regulate your nervous system until you can meet your real self as Truth.

And it works, that's how I ended up crying on the floor in celebration!

I would love to hear from you.

x nuria


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