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5 surprising ways intimacy coaching improves your whole life

Transform these five key areas with intimacy coaching.

What do you think about when you hear the word “intimacy”? A euphemism for sex? Uncomfortable eye gazing? Body parts? All of the above?

5 ways surprising ways intimacy coaching improves your whole life

Perhaps a better word for intimacy is “closeness,” which includes intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical, and, yes, sexual closeness.

Humans are biologically driven for closeness. Without intimate touch, eye contact, and sound, babies will die. So, what happens that makes intimacy a challenge for adults? Because of childhood wounding or societal conditioning, other things, such as fear, shame, or disgust, get wired into this biological need for closeness, and the ability to be genuinely intimate gets ruptured.

A common problem I encounter in my work is that one person needs emotional intimacy to be sexually intimate, and the other needs sexual intimacy to open up emotionally...

A conundrum! 

Over time, a broken relationship with intimacy leads to big problems such as feeling lonely even amongst friends, disconnected from self, lack of meaning in life, and, of course, mundane sex.

As a coach, I help people heal their ruptured relationships with intimacy. Because intimacy is at the heart of life, the positive impacts spill over in surprising ways.

Five surprising ways intimacy coaching improves your whole life

# 1 Boundaries

Safety is a foundation of intimacy; without clear boundaries, there is no safety. Many people have lost touch with their inner "No" and have spent years as people-pleasers, which erodes desire. Intimacy coaching re-establishes self-trust in your body's messages and teaches proper communication skills. It's amazing to watch clients transform other relationships as they embody their boundaries and confidently uphold them.

# 2 Courage

It takes courage to ask for what you want and say no to what doesn’t feel good. We all fear rejection, and the closer we get to our deepest desires, the greater the risk. The courage clients develop through coaching to be truly intimate with their loved ones spills over, and they start being courageous in other areas. I've had clients go for big dreams like gender exploration or career change with their newfound courage.

"When you reach out and touch other human beings; it doesn't matter if you call it therapy or teaching or poetry." – Audre Lorde

# 3 Body Confidence

It is damn near impossible to be naked and enjoy yourself if you're worried about how you look. Because of this, intimacy coaching always starts with radical self-love and acceptance. We are uniquely beautiful, and it is your birthright to see that! By repairing the broken relationship to self-love - clients can finally see their beauty and be confident in their body.

# 4 Pleasure of Being Alive

This might seem obvious, of course, as there's a focus on pleasure! What happens is that through coaching, the body's pleasure expands to the rest of life. My clients find pleasure in a delicious peach, sunshine on their skin, or their best friend's new baby. Intimacy opens us up to delight in the full spectrum of life’s experiences.

# 5 Spiritual Connection

This one surprises people! Because intimacy is at the heart of life, mending our deepest ruptures inevitably brings us closer to the divine. Just like sexual intimacy is unique and deeply personal, so is spiritual connection. For some folks, this is a renewed faith in God, and for others, it looks like a closeness to the wonder of life. Whatever your spiritual ilk is, know that intimacy coaching will only deepen it.

In conclusion

Addressing intimacy issues ultimately requires a willingness to be vulnerable. Through somatic tools and co-regulation techniques, I help you feel safe being vulnerable, and together, we rebuild your nervous system’s capacity for greater connection, pleasure, and resilience in every area of life.

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