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Trust the ancient wisdom of your body

To break cycles of suffering and find our authentic power... 

We embark on a sacred remembrance of our ancestral practices... 

And through the embodiment of this wisdom, create a potent cultural change.

Hi, I am Nuria.

I came to this work the honest way, through my own suffering.

Over the past two decades, I've made it my mission to take individuals to the next level. ​


My signature method, Embodied Ancestral Awakening, is a deeply transformative process for integrating trauma, awakening innate leadership, regulating the nervous system, and rediscovering pleasure. 

​What I've found is this:

By becoming the leaders we seek, we embody a powerful cultural shift that ripples for and will change the world.


Let's chat. 

This work is for you if you're done with disconnection and dysregulation and ready to embody your ancestral wisdom for personal and cultural change.

Work with ME 

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Why Embodied Ancestral Awakening?

We live in a world of disconnection and dysregulation.


We are intensely lonely and hurt in ways we can't name. We fear being seen in our greatness and often feel shame around our human experience, leaving us frayed. This erodes our ability to lead fully, and it's no wonder, given the centuries of erasure of our ancestors' earth and community honoring practices.


Your ancestors were connected, regulated leaders who uplifted their communities, honored the earth and understood their interdependence with it.

Embodied Ancestral Awakening is the radical practice of reclaiming your ancient wisdom and making it a lived reality in your body and life for potent cultural change...

Because it's not enough to think  or talk about something, if you want to change it, you have to embody it. 

My gift to you...
Experience the Magic of Embodiment

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Image by Xuan Nguyen

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