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Trust the ancient wisdom of your body

To break cycles of suffering and find our authentic power... 

We embark on a sacred remembrance of our ancestral practices... 

And through the embodiment of this wisdom, create a potent cultural change.

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This work is for you if you’re curious to explore your ancestry for the purpose of Lineage Healing, Spiritual Empowerment and Reclaiming your Sacred Sexuality.


Hi, I am Nuria 


I came to this work the honest way, through my own suffering. Because of this, I intimately understand:

  • The pain of disconnection from ancestral roots and guidance

  • The fear of embracing spiritual authority openly

  • The grief of experiencing pain rather than pleasure within your body

  • And the frustration of not knowing how to free yourself

I've made it my mission to guide individuals in breaking the chains of past trauma, reclaiming ancestral power, and rediscovering pleasure.

I know this might seem impossible at times but trust me when I say embracing this work has opened me up to pleasure, power, love and healing in astonishing ways...

Dear Goddess, I have transformed and so can you.


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While disrespect for the earth, ancestors, and sexuality are normalized, it is not normal.
I believe By reviving our
 ancestral connection,  we embody a transformative cultural shift that changes the world.

Work with ME 

Why Embodied Ancestral Awakening?

Many of us live in a world of disconnection.

Because of this, we are deeply lonely, hurt in ways we can't name, fear being seen in our greatness, and take from other cultures to fill that empty place where our indigenous wisdom should be...

And it's no wonder! After centuries of systematic destruction of the ancient earth-based practices of our ancestors, how could we not?

Embodied ancestral awakening is the radical practice of reclaiming your ancient wisdom and making it a lived reality in your body and life.

Because it's not enough to think about something. If you want to change it you have to embody it and doing so is the most delicious healing journey.

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Somatic-Based Sexuality Healing 

If you're struggling with something deeply personal, like an issue with your sexuality, I know how hard that can be. 

I know because I was there too.

Since we live in a sex-negative society, and have for centuries, healing your connection to your sexuality, pleasure, and body, is one of the most radical things you can do! I want you to know that you are not alone in your experience. The vast majority of humans aren't having the kind of sexual experiences that they desire...

From the personal to the collective to the ancestral, there are many reasons why you're stuck, and I can help you discern and unwind those patterns. 

Sacred sexuality is your birthright, and your ancient ancestors want you to reclaim this power. And because sex happens in the body and not the mind, we use the body's wisdom to heal…

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Experience the Magic of Embodiment... for free!

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