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Liberate your sexuality: embody your power.

 Nuria Reed | Women's mentor and coach for sexual, spiritual, and financial empowerment

Hey beautiful, can you relate?

You've often wondered if there is something wrong with your sexuality . 
You struggle to feel desire and arousal even though you  are very attracted to your partner. 
You're disconnected from your body, pleasure and menstrual cycles.
Life is overwhelming and sex often feels like another demand on your energy. 
You're an empath, highly sensitive, or neurodiverse woman.
You’re outwardly successful but inwardly unsatisfied.
You know there's more pleasure available to you but the standard therapuetic approaches haven't worked.

Expand your PLEASURE
Expand your life

 Nuria Reed | Women's mentor and coach for sexual, spiritual, and financial empowerment

Meet Nuria

Sex and Intimacy Mentor

I came into this work the honest way, through my suffering. Childhood neglect and intergenerational trauma left me with a craggy hole where my self-love, confidence and pleasure should have been.

After recovering from an eating disorder and studying Anthropology at UC Berkeley, I made my way to India where I had the kind of lightning-bolt-holy-shit-moment people write about. Thus began the healing journey of a lifetime and two decades of personal work later I am free, powerful and fully alive. 

Since that life-changing moment on the banks of the sacred river Ganges, 10,000 hours of teaching and training experience and hundreds of students and clients later, I’ve made it my mission to empower women to break cycles of sexual suffering and live the rich life that is their birthright. 

I help you to be liberate your sexuality and embody your power and I do it with pleasure - because healing can be fun, too!


What Clients Say

"Nuria is an incredible coach and human who has helped me transform into a better version of myself through some of the best and worst periods of my life."
-RN, Florida

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Let’s meet for a complimentary connection call so we can discuss your struggles, what you want and how the Embody Methodology transforms you at the deepest level. 

I'd love to hear from you!

The EMBODY Method


At the core of transformation is relationship. Together, we create a container of safety, trust and presence so you can transform.


Old patterns get stuck in our bodies and keep us small. I’ll guide you through releasing the imprints of the past so you are free to embody your next level of pleasure and power with ease.


It’s all about the nervous system. By regulating your nervous system through evidence-based modalities we expand your capacity for the good stuff life has to offer.


Once we release your conditioning and expand your capacity for richness, we rewire your system with goodness. This final piece of the Embody methodology brings you home to your birthright - fully alive, radiant, and powerful.

Clients who complete the Embody process with Nuria, consistently report:

 Nuria Reed | Women's mentor and coach for sexual, spiritual, and financial empowerment
  • Greater pleasure, enhanced orgasmic ability and renewed self love.
  • Improved communication and deeper intimacy with loves ones.
  • Authentic spiritual connection.
  • Taking up space and being seen with ease.
  • More precise boundaries and confidence in holding them.
  • Enhanced ability to receive (money, pleasure, compliments, etc).
  • Better sleep, less anxiety and improved digestion.
  • Greater resilience in the face of unexpected challenges.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.”

- Oscar Wilde

A message from Nuria 

If you’re suffering, know that there are neurobiological reasons why. 

When our nervous system doesn’t feel safe it will find a way to avoid the thing that’s triggering it. So you’ll stay chronically busy, hide your spiritual gifts, find ways to avoid sex and keep yourself from surrendering to deep pleasure. 

Whether your longing to experience intimacy, orgasm, spiritual connection or something else, it's through the magic of support (because no one does it alone) that your system will expand to hold more of what you want.

I didn't get to where I am on my own and if I could do it, so can you.
Remember, thriving is not just a possibility, it's our inherent right

Nuria's Blog 

Join me as I share my thoughts on the power of sexuality, spirituality and living a rich life. 

 Nuria Reed | Women's mentor and coach for sexual, spiritual, and financial empowerment

Wanna know how to release pain and restore pelvic pleasure? 

Digest long held pain and come home to the pleasure that is your birthright with my 30 minute guided "Pelvic Liberation" ritual. 


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