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Deepen your spiritual practice


Deepen your spiritual practice and Safely learn authentic Meditation + Prānāyama techniques from beginner to advanced  

Join over 100 students on this epic journey!


Urban Sadhana was an incredible introduction to the deeper spiritual practice of yoga and a very worthwhile experience.


I would recommend it to anyone looking to expand their meditation practice and knowledge of yoga.


Urban Sadhana is like a mini teacher training! It really helped fill in the gaps missed by my 200 hr YTT.

Additionally, Nuria is a very inspiring guide, and her knowledge of meditation techniques, breath work, and yoga philosophy is excellent.


Urban Sadhana is a platform for expansion.

The composition and structure allowed me to emerge a more independent practice. Not only was my practice of pranayama and my meditation fostered, my knowledge of Ayurveda, body systems such as nadis and chakras, mudras, tantra, ethics as well as the evolution of yoga expanded immensely. These topics, beyond meditation, cushioned the simple yet powerful breath practice with a purpose. 

James, Yoga student

Urban Sadhana II completely blew me away. I was truly taken aback by the opportunity to engage in this level of breathing and meditation practices. You won't find this kind of teaching in your typical studio class!

If you're an experienced practitioner looking to reinvigorate your personal practice and gain a deeper understanding of the teachings behind yoga, I can't recommend this course enough. It's been a game-changer for me.

Amy, Yoga student

Urban Sadhana II was an opportunity to delve deeper into my understanding of pranayama practices and their origins, and was offered in such a thoughtful and compassionate manner. Nuria's passion for sharing the wisdom of ancient yogic traditions is abundant during the course and translates to a rich, more complex internal experience that lays the foundation for further self-guided work. The comprehensive references, recordings, and other tangible tools provided to all students of the course are an added bonus!

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