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An advanced course  for seasoned spiritual seekers

Image by Mark Basarab

This transformative 6-week journey offers space to practice advanced prāNāyāma and meditation variations, deepen your knowledge of sacred texts,  delve into legendary teachings like Emptiness and apply it all to personal and global healing with profound simplicity.

This course is for you if Are:

  • An experienced practitioner longing to delve into advanced prāṇāyāma and meditation variations

  • Yearning for lengthier, more profound meditation experiences

  • Curious how sacred Tantric, Hatha, and Buddhist texts enrich modern prāṇā and prāṇāyāma practices

  • Eager to uncover how these practices drive transformation, spanning from tangible physiological changes to the most subtle spiritual shifts.

  • Seeking both in-depth self-inquiry and worldwide application of sacred practices to alleviate suffering

  • Desire to experience legendary teachings and practices, including Charnal practices, Emptiness, Interbeing, The Heart Sutra, and more.

  • Prepared to awaken in the simplest yet most profound manner



MODULE ONE  | Establishing the Kumb
Posture + Prāṇa​

  • Explore your body's sacred geometry for awakening

  • Unearth wisdom of prana from source texts 

  • Ignite the hidden source of enlightenment within you


Breathing + Body​ 

  • Immerse in the intricacies of breathing's physiology and anatomy 

  • Cultivate concentration and absorption for profound spiritual progress 

  • Address cultural appropriation in pranayama and meditation spaces


Technique + Texts

  • Develop the skill, techniques and subtle body awareness for longer and more complex practices

  • Awaken aesthetic receptivity for the process of recognizing divinity 

  • Unwind your vasanas and samskaras (conditioning)


Balance + Energy  

  • Go beyond the regular chakra practice and deep dive into the subtle body system 

  • Meet the Goddess of the Center

  • Practice balance as a path of liberation for all 



Impermanence + Aversion 

  • Move beyond the duality of aversion and desire 

  • Study the texts and embody the sacred practice of emptiness

  • Practice in the “charnel grounds”


MODULE SIX | KAivalya 

 Living in Non-duality

  • Apply the sacred teachings to your everyday life experience and global issues 

  • Embody nonduality for the good of all 

  • Be the change

This is a self paced course.

 Each module opens up weekly and you have 6 months from the sign-up date to complete the whole journey.

Image by Mitchell Hollander


James, Yoga student

Urban Sadhana II completely blew me away. I was truly taken aback by the opportunity to engage in this level of breathing and meditation practices. You won't find this kind of teaching in your typical studio class!

If you're an experienced practitioner looking to reinvigorate your personal practice and gain a deeper understanding of the teachings behind yoga, I can't recommend this course enough. It's been a game-changer for me.

Amy, Yoga student

Urban Sadhana II was an opportunity to delve deeper into my understanding of pranayama practices and their origins, and was offered in such a thoughtful and compassionate manner. Nuria's passion for sharing the wisdom of ancient yogic traditions is abundant during the course and translates to a rich, more complex internal experience that lays the foundation for further self-guided work. The comprehensive references, recordings, and other tangible tools provided to all students of the course are an added bonus!

Embark on this transformative self-paced journey and elevate your practice 


  • Six Lectures, Deep Dives into Special Topics

  • Six Guided Prāṇāyāma and Meditation Sessions

  • Weekly Practices, Journal Prompts, and Self-Inquiry

  • Custom Self-Practice Recommendations

  • Six Months Access to Course Materials

  • Comprehensive Downloadable Notes

  • Over 18 Hours of Rich Content

  • Email Support for All Your Questions

  • Bonuses!

​​Elevate Your learning: Enroll in Level 1 & Level 2 together and Receive a Special Discount!


Urban Sādhana Level 1 
One payment of $195 SAVE $45!

Urban Sādhana Level 1 &  Level 2 
One payment of $350 (save $50)

Payment and Access Made Easy:

Upon redirection to Teachable, you can securely make payment, set up your account, and dive into all course materials.



With 10,000 hours of teaching experience and training and 10 sacred pilgrimages to India to immerse herself in the source of the teachings, Nuria Reed lives, breathes, and teaches the spiritual heart of yoga - Moksha or Liberation. Her asana technique is influenced by Ashtanga's fire and Iyengar's precision, and her philosophy is planted in the non-dual teachings of Tantra. Throughout her career, she’s innovated new ways to bring the awakening power of yoga from the cave of the ascetics to the hearths of the householders. Her signature meditation and pranayama program, Urban Sadhana, is the culmination of this work and has been taught to over 100 students. When not teaching or leading trainings and retreats, Nuria coaches folks into their ancestral awakening, embodied power and bold pleasure. 

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