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I offer three high-quality and confidential ways to work together.

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Personalized Healing Journeys

Ancestral Awakening:


This 6-week guided journey will awaken your European ancestor's Indigenous practices, decolonize your spirituality, empower your dark feminine and teach you to embody your unique lineage of spiritual power. 


Sādhana I & II:

These 6-week courses are designed to give you the tools you need to deepen your meditation and prāṇāyāma practice and tangibly apply this ancient wisdom for your holistic well-being.  

Transformative Group Courses

Sexual Animism:


Personalized healing journey to reclaim your sacred sexual wellbeing, restore desire and integrate ancestral blocks.

Embodied Animism:


A personalized healing journey to awaken ancestral indigenous spirituality and embody your unique lineage's power.

Bold Pleasure & Embodied Power Workshop:

This 90 minute live guided workshop and practice is a safe space to explore and embody the topics of pleasure and power. Happening in Joshua Tree, CA.

Wild Feminine Renewal Weekend Retreat:

Reclaim your wild side and renew your spirit while soaking in sacred hot springs all under the Spring Equinox Full Moon in Joshua Tree, CA.

Intimate In-Person Retreats and Workshops

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