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I offer three high-quality and confidential ways to work together.

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Personalized Healing Journeys

Ancestral Awakening live  course for women:


This 6-week guided journey will awaken your ancestral earth based spirituality, Connect you to your wild feminine, and teach you to embody your unique lineage of spiritual power.  

How to awaken the ancestors and start healing:

This potent 4-week mini course will give you the tools, information and practices you need to awaken your ancestors and begin the healing journey.


Transformative Group Courses

Sexual Animism:


Personalized healing journey to reclaim your sacred sexual wellbeing, restore desire and integrate ancestral blocks.

Embodied Animism:


A personalized healing journey to awaken ancestral indigenous spirituality and embody your unique lineage's power.

Bold Pleasure & Embodied Power Workshop:

This 90 minute live guided workshop and practice is a safe space to explore and embody the topics of pleasure and power. Happening in Joshua Tree, CA.

Wild Feminine Renewal Weekend Retreat:

Reclaim your wild side and renew your spirit while soaking in sacred hot springs all under the Spring Equinox Full Moon in Joshua Tree, CA.

Intimate In-Person Retreats and Workshops

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