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1-1 embodied leadership coaching and healing 

Image by Sigita Danil

Embodied Animism:
Cultivating Leadership through Ancestral Wisdom and Regulation

Awaken and embody Your Authentic Leadership

regulate your Nervous System and flow

Live and Lead from your whole self 

For so long, I felt i had to hide my whole self  to be a leader...

​I was burnt out, rife with imposter syndrome and not in touch with my true power.​


What I found is this: In today’s fast-paced world, leadership isn’t just about making decisions or guiding teams—it's about embodying qualities that inspire and drive cultural change. 


​At the core of impactful leadership lies the ability to lead from your whole self. ​Our world doesn't need more leaders cut off from their emotions, ancestral inheritance, reverence for nature, and innate sexuality.

​The world needs leaders who are integrated in their humanity.​

Embody authentic leadership, transforming your life and creating ripples that shift our collective culture.



Nuria has a magical ability to meet people where they are, then nurture change and growth from within them. That capacity reflects the deep work Nuria has done in her own practice and the hard-fought wisdom gained from it she so generously shares with others. 


I've worked with her many times over the course of ten years - through marriage and divorce, healing generational trauma and inner child wounds, and navigating a gender transition - and each time I have changed, healed, in deep and lasting ways that have enriched my life.

Nuria is an incredible coach and human who has helped me transform into a better version of myself through some of the best and worst periods of my life.


What I found in Nuria was a person whom I could trust, not because I believed she had all the answers, but because I saw in her both a non-judgemental openness, coupled with intellectual honesty and humility. She has an impressive wealth of knowledge encompassing spiritual traditions, sacred practices, the collective human experience, and inner-healing.  Yet, she is somehow able to distill this vast knowledge base into a coaching method that is balanced, approachable, down-to-earth, yet powerful.  During our months together, I have been able to clear some old trauma, strengthen my ancestral connection, and incorporate some of the embodiment practices into my everyday life.  I’ve also come to a greater realization of the answers that were emerging from within me. In order to find and trust your inner teacher, you must heal the wounds that have broken the connection in the first place. 


Looking back on these past few months, I can observe tiny breakthroughs in each session, as well as major shifts in mindset that unfolded at a slower pace. I don’t know if this is everyone’s experience, but for me, each session was preceded by, filled with, and followed by meaningful coincidences and tiny miracles.  I seemed to be getting exactly what I needed at exactly the right time.  I think this is owed to both Nuria’s ability to gently hold space while asking the right questions, as well as her ability to let go of the agenda and follow the flow when needed. 


Nuria is a rare gem, and working with her has been a gift.

I believe mainstream leadership and personal development programs often ignore a vital aspect: YOUR HUMAN COMPLEXITY. ​

Your nervous system, emotions, ancestral trauma patterns, spirituality and sexuality all impact your ability to be regulated and present in your work and life.

This is where the principles of Embodied Animism intersect with modern leadership, offering a pathway to harness ancestral wisdom for modern challenges and be a force for cultural change.


How it Works:

By  integrating the shadows of our lineage, we become clear leaders who navigate challenges with wisdom and insight, deeply rooted in the strengths passed down through generations.​ The state of our nervous system directly influences our ability to lead, yet so many leaders are frayed and frantic. Through evidence-backed tools, we help your system meet life from a place of presence—a state where creativity, empathy, and strategic thinking flourish. Finally, our human experience encompasses aspects often suppressed, such as sexuality and spirituality. When left unintegrated, these elements manifest as blocks and energy leaks, hindering us from accessing our full potential.

Through the potent Embodied Animism methodology all of you is welcomed and empowered.

You, your life, work, and your family and the world deserve nothing less than your full, regulated, and integrated self.

The Embodied Animism Transformational Methodology

This personalized coaching journey strikes a delicate balance between catharsis and integration, guiding you towards sustainable breakthroughs and lasting growth.

Evidence-backed nervous system regulation

Somatic-based embodiment and breakthroughs

Embracing pleasure and celebration

Ancestral rituals and practices 

What is remarkable is that through this work, everything transforms—your capacity for life increases and overflows into every area.



Working with Nuria is transformative and deep. 

Her ability to see me fully and meet me as I am is vast and rich. She carefully crafts and curates each session weaving the present moment and the intention of the journey together.

She’s the teacher for me after years of studying Yoga, IFS therapy, & sitting with sacred medicine.


Thank you thank you thank you, Nuria, for helping me come home to myself.


I have tried many different modes of therapy to relieve my family of origin trauma symptoms – as well as trauma from life. Talk therapy (CBT), EMDR, self help books by the dozens, and flat-out denial have all helped in their own way. But the one mode I keep returning to is somatic coaching with Nuria Reed. For me, it has been the most effective at reaching the very deep core wounds such as fear of abandonment, feeling unworthy, and feeling inadequate, to name a few. The completely non-judgmental somatic work with Nuria has allowed me to address all of these. I have seen the changes through relating better to family and friends, fewer triggers by things related to past traumas and less judgment of others’ actions or words. 


I highly recommend Nuria’s somatic coaching. Not to mention, she is just a wonderful human being.

the details

 Embark on this healing journey and unlock the power of your leadership

  • eighteen 75-minute Zoom sessions thoughtfully spaced over six months (3 weeks on, 1 week off for integration)

  • Support via Voxer voice app if desired

  • tailored practices, rituals and audio recordings to integrate your growth between sessions

  • Continuous support and accountability, ensuring your journey is guided and successful

  • Trauma-informed care meticulously designed for you and your holistic well-being

The investment is $765/per month
(longer Payment plans available by request)


Pricing transparency

This level of work is a speciality and requires years of self-study and training. My pricing is based on this level specialization, where I live in the world and my commitment to thriving so I can help others thrive.

  Next steps    


Let's connect. 

Schedule your free 30-minute call

Tangible results you can expect through our work together:


  • Resilience in the face of unexpected challenges

  • Enhanced emotional cognition, empathy, and the ability to harness emotions as fuel

  • Improved sexual satisfaction and pleasure

  • Reduced overwhelm and increased creative flow

  • Living and working in integrity with existing indigenous groups

  • Expanded capacity leading to greater efficiency

  • Ability to be present for people and moments that matter

  • Life in alignment with core values

I look forward to connecting with you!

x nuria

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