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About nuria


Nuria is a certified sex coach and professional in transformation and liberation.


Her approach is trauma-informed and somatic-based coaching, specifically for sexuality and empowerment. Her philosophy is firmly planted in the reclaimed witch traditions of her ancestors and the non-dual Tantra of her yogic lineage.  


With 10,000 hours of yoga teaching and training experience, ten sacred pilgrimages to India and Nepal, 650 hours of sex, love, and relationship training, and two decades of transformative personal work, Nuria lives, breathes, and embodies liberation through pleasure.


Over her career, she’s had the privilege of bringing the healing power of the bodymind to people from all walks of life. She’s designed wellness programs for top corporations, worked 1-1 with  CEOs and scientists and worked with people recovering from eating disorders, addiction, and abuse. One of her superpowers is her ability to put diverse people at ease.  


She holds a BA in Medical Anthropology from UC Berkeley, is a Reiki Master Teacher, ERYT, and her coaching certification in the VITA methodology is through the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. 


When not working on liberating humanity through pleasure, Nuria can be found dancing amongst the Joshua Trees in the high desert of California, doing animist practices in the lineage of her Scandinavian ancestors, and cuddling her long-haired Dachshund, Flosstradamus.

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