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 Get my 30-minute breathwork ritual to   release pain and restore the pelvis to   pleasure 

I know first hand how frustrating it can be to have pain and tension in the pelvis when all you want is pleasure!


I was there for years...


It can make us feel like we are broken.


Let me tell you, you are not broken!

It’s possible that you haven’t done the deep work of unwinding the emotional and physical imprints that your body is holding onto. 


When there’s stuff we don’t want to feel in our pelvis, like heavy emotions or difficult sensations, it limits our capacity to feel the good stuff, too, like pleasure!


This potent 30-minute practice will safely release long-held pain (both physical and emotional) in the pelvis and restore it to its original state of being- pleasure! 

By the end of the practice, you’ll be empowered to bring pleasure into your pelvis and release stuck physical and emotional pain.

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