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Bonfire in Sand

Ancestral Awakening

A Intimate Group Course for Busy Spiritual women

Ancestral awakening is for women who long for an authentic and ancient spirituality

This 5-week guided journey will awaken your european ancestor's Indigenous practices, decolonize your spirituality, and teach you to embody your unique lineage of spiritual power. 

It’s time to reawaken the knowing of our blood and bones. The ancient wisdom of your DNA. 


It’s time to create a new culture of spirituality.

A spirituality that centers the nature, the land, ancestors, ourselves, and each other.

One that is not bound by the confines of monotheism, patriarchy, colonization, and capitalism. 


This course is a sacred remembrance of the practices of our ancestors. 


Nothing is ever lost or dead, just forgotten. 

It is time, your ancestors are calling, and now more than ever, the world needs you to remember the old ways and bring them back to life...

For so many years, I longed to connect with something I could not explain. 


I felt bereft of place, disconnected from the land and my ancestors. 


As an American white settler on my dad's side and a Christianized swede on my mom's side, it’s no wonder. The ancient ways of my people had been stamped out, but my body, blood, and bones remembered another way....and I was longing for it.


This is the story for many of us who are of European descent. While no unbroken lineage of indigenous wisdom is left, Christianity ensured that, we have the power to reawaken and remember the old ways.

Your ancestors are not boring dead people; they are magical, powerful, and potent! Your lineage is not just the trauma of the colonizer or the colonized; it holds the keys to wisdom and healing! You have an authentic, land based practice...


It’s all still alive in you!


With the right tools, guidance, and education, you can embody your unique spiritual lineage, honor the land and create a right relationships with your ancestors. 


And let me tell you, this feels like an authentic spiritual practice, not the colonizer practice of appropriation and bypassing, but the embodiment of a spiritual power that is uniquely your own and grounded in goodness for all.



Week 1:The Red Thread

Myths & stories and digesting our inheritance

  • Uncover the myths that matter to your lineage

  • Understand how trauma is passed down through generations

  • Decolonize your practice and heal your lineage

Week 2: The Power of The Dark

The original mother goddess and embodying our wholeness

  • Learn the archetypal myth of the goddess’s descent to the underworld

  • Detox from patriarchy and monotheism

  • Embrace the power of the dark

Week 3: Ancestral Embodiment
Honoring the ancestors and animism as lived practice

  • Embody the foundations of modern paganism and animism

  • Create your own altar and practices

  • Tell the untold stories

Week 4: Sacred Sexuality
Pleasure as power and restoring our spiritual birthright

  • Reclaim pleasure as spiritual practice 

  • Reawaken the latent power of your womb, cervix and pelvis

  • Discover erotic magic

Week 5: Reclamation
The witch wound and the lineage you are meant to carry

  • Heal religious shame and conditioning

  • Awaken your spiritual leadership

  • Rest in community

   Common experiences indicating a time for     ancestral healing + reclamation   

  1. You have an issue that keeps coming up despite all your hard healing work. At this point, it doesn’t feel like “yours” anymore

  2. You have a mother wound or a difficult relationship with your female relatives.

  3. You struggle to express your feminine power. 

  4. You can feel that something ancient and wild is calling, but you don't know how to answer.

  5. You feel turned off by the main religions, but embracing other religions doesn’t feel right. 

  6. You notice cycles of trauma repeating in your family.

  7. You can't tell any powerful stories about your ancestors.

  8. You are ready to accept all parts of your ancestral line, including shameful or scary parts like colonizer or colonized, and do the necessary repair work.

  9. Your emotions are either overwhelming or repressed. For example, you can feel sad but not angry.

  10. You feel disconnected from your pelvis, menstrual cycles, and sexual power. 

  11. You are scared of the “dark” parts of yourself, uncertainty, and the unknown, and you desire to be in control. 

  12. Perfectionism runs in your family.

  13. Being seen as a powerful, spiritual, or sexual woman brings up fear. 

  14. You experience an ancient longing in your body to belong to a tradition.

  15. You’ve naturally started learning the myths and stories of your ancestral culture.

  16. You've stopped using spiritual tools from closed practices and want to learn your ancestral tools.

 the details

  • Five 75 minute Interactive Sessions including lectures, coaching & Q+A 

  • Five 75-minute Ritual Embodiment Practices including group integration

  • Reading + research material customized to you and your lineage 

  • Confidential community to share, learn and grow 

  • Opportunities to be coached by Nuria

  • Custom altar + practice guides

  • *Bonus* guided Ancestral Awakening Meditation

dates and times

  • ​All Interactive Sessions take place on Sundays at 10:00 am pacific

  • All Ritual Embodiment Practices take place on Wednesdays at 6:00 pm pacific 

  • The course begins Sunday June 4th and ends on Wednesday July 5th

  • You do not need to attend each session live

  • All classes will take place over Zoom be recorded and available for replay via Teachable



Pay In Full

One time payment of $500

*Full Price Bonus* 

One 60 minute 1-1 Ancestral Healing session (valued at $320)

(Your full price payment helps subsidies students who can not afford the full price)

Payment Plan

Two payments of $250

(Discount codes available - email Nuria if you need one)

 pricing transparency

In an effort to be fully transparent and in integrity, I'll share the reasons why the pricing is as it is

  • Teachable (the platform we will use together) costs $59 monthly. Because I am offering to keep the course open for six months after the completion so everyone can finish it at their own pace, I need to factor that into the price. 

  • Teachable takes 5% off the total price regardless of whether a discount code is used. So for a 50% discount of $250, Teachable still takes $25. This may seem expensive to some, but Teachable offers an excellent user experience. A high-quality platform is worth it. 

  • In my practice, I offer 1-1 sessions at $320 for a single 75-minute session or $2200 for nine sessions. These rates are based on my level of experience and the resources I have put into my education, training, and personal transformation and the going rate for this level of specialized work. 

  • $500 for 12.5 hours (ten sessions) comes to $40 per hour. This includes any bonus content or extra time I spend on your case. In an intimate course with 12 women tops, this is an excellent way to get the support of 1-1 work without the investment.  

  • The hours we are together are just a fraction of the time spent researching, preparing, and embodying the work so that I can deliver a high-quality, content-filled, and transformative experience.

  • I work a full-time restaurant job to support myself. The time spent on this course is time away from my job, my partner, and other soul-nourishing activities, I am factoring some opportunity costs into the price to ensure my bills are covered and I feel nourished.

  • I do not believe in martyrdom for healers. I believe we deserve to be compensated for our work and thrive. We create more positive change in oppressive systems by having resources than by being martyrs.

Through this work you will: 

  • Own your unique spiritual unique lineage

  • Be empowered to create your own ancestral practices

  • Do deep healing on your maternal line and stand in your feminine power

  • Clear ancestral trauma in your lineage

  •  Integrate shame, fear, and loss

  • Feel safe to be seen as a powerful, spiritual and sexual

  • Deepen your connection to your pelvis and use it's power for you practice 

  • Trust the ancient force that is nature and let her guide you

  • Practice in integrity with living indigenous traditions



Where will these classes take place?

Everything is virtual via Zoom. You’ll also have access to all the videos, content, community, and bonuses on the Teachable course page after you sign up.

I can’t make all the sessions live; will that affect my experience?

I’ve designed this course for you to be able to do on your own as well, so while there’s no substitute for a real-time call, the energy is very powerful and will carry in the recordings.

I don’t know anything about my family history. Is that okay?

Yes! You don’t need to know anything about your family history as reawakening these ancient practices is about so much more than blood lines. Over the course, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn and create an ancestor practice (with actual relatives or not!) that feels right for you.

Do you offer refunds?

At this time, I do not, as I am a very small business.

Who is this course for?

Currently, this course is for women and anyone who identifies as a woman some or part of the time of European ancestry or who have a deep soul calling to Europe. This includes women with mixed ancestry. Please note that I use specifically gendered language when talking about female anatomy, an important part of ancient practices. If that isn’t aligned, consider that this course may not be right for you at this time.

What makes you uniquely qualified to guide this?

I have a degree in Anthropology and have spent the last twenty years studying spirituality worldwide, including travel to over 40 countries. I use both my background in Anthropology and my lived experience as a spiritual teacher and student to reawaken pre-Christian practices.

Sacred Sexuality? What does that mean for the course?

Sacred sexuality refers to the practice of honoring our sexual energy and the sexual part of ourselves as part of our spiritual practice. There will be one module in which we go deep into the understanding of this. You won’t have to do anything that you don’t feel comfortable with. Everything is optional.

Can I get a scholarship?

At this time, no, as I am a very small business. However, during the launch process I will offer many discounts so make you sure you sign up to the waitlist. I hope to offer scholarships when my business is sustainable.

Still have questions? Shoot me an email

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