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Image by Xuan Nguyen

The Sacred No
Embodiment Practice

This practice is so powerful... 

Our ancient ancestors knew that embodiment was vital to thriving.

In our modern life, we've lost t
his knowing and overly rely on our minds...


This can lead us to ignore essential messages from our bodies around what we desire sexually, when to say no, and even, what we want in life.

I lived like this years.  Saying yes when I meant no and eventually, I could no longer feel my  desire.

I felt unsafe because I couldn't trust myself to say no when I needed it and life felt flat  and colorless...

Can you relate?

Through gentle breathing and powerful guided embodiment you'll move into the deepest part of you system, the primal brain, and clear conditioning around saying No, and feeling your full body YES so you can thrive! 

Guided by my voice, this 30-minute potent embodiment practice will teach you how to rebuild trust in your body's wisdom and own the embodied power of your sacred No, Yes, and Maybe. 

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