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30 minute breathwork ritual to safely release pain and restore the pelvis to pleasure




This practice is so powerful.


It is the one I personally used to transform my long held pain into pleasure.


And if I could do it, you can too!


Before you start, it's imperative that you watch the introduction video and read the breathwork notes and contraindications. This ensures that practice is right for you at this time and that you'll get the most out of it. 


I highly recommend using a playlist to take you deeper into the experience. I've included a custom Spotify playlist here, however, if my music isn't your vibe feel free create your own.


For best results do this practice 3 x per week for three weeks if possible.


Feel free to email me any questions! 



  • The “continuous breath” is rapid inhale and exhale through the mouth. There is no pause at the top or bottom. You'll be breathing into the pelvic area.

  • You may experience common symptoms of tetany such as coldness, numbness around mouth, clenched hands or feet, involuntary muscle spasm or twitching. These signs are totally normal.

  • If you have serious cardiovascular problems, glaucoma, severe psychiatric illness, and/or are pregnant breathwork is contraindicated. You can do the practice with a regular breathing pattern.


Breathwork Ritual to Release Pain and Restore Pleasure
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