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Image by Johannes Plenio

pelvic liberation

30 minute breathwork ritual to safely release pain and restore the pelvis to pleasure



This practice is potent. I've used it personally to turn long held pain into pleasure.

And if I could, so can you!


Before you begin, watch the intro video and read the breathwork notes and contraindications.

This ensures suitability and maximum benefit.

A curated Spotify playlist can seriously enhance your experience.

I've provided one, or feel free to create your own vibe.


For best results, practice 3 times weekly for three weeks.


Questions? Email me anytime!



  • The "continuous breath" involves rapid inhaling and exhaling through the mouth, with no pause at the top or bottom. Direct your breath into the pelvic area.

  • You might encounter typical tetany symptoms: coldness, numbness around the mouth, clenched hands or feet, or muscle spasms. These are usual responses.

  • If you have severe cardiovascular issues, glaucoma, intense psychiatric conditions, or are pregnant, avoid this breathwork. Instead, maintain a regular breathing pattern.


Breathwork Ritual to Release Pain and Restore Pleasure
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