The original six-week virtual meditation + prāṇāyāma course designed to give you the tools you need to develop your own home practice and alleviate suffering in your life.


Felt the pull to go deeper in your yoga practice?

 Wondered if there was more to yoga than holding a handstand?

Considered a yoga teacher training or are a yoga teacher and need a refresher on prāṇāyāma, posture, the subtle body, and meditation techniques?

Felt like you needed a spiritual reset in life?

Wanted to learn how to meditate or practice "breathwork" (prāṇāyāma) but felt overwhelmed by options and poor information?

Was curious about the science behind under breathing, over-breathing, and balancing breathing?

Wanted guidance on what kind of meditation techniques were right for you?




Urban Sadhana was a great introduction to the deeper spiritual practice of yoga. Nuria was a very inspiring guide, and her knowledge of meditation techniques, breath work, and yoga philosophy helped to encourage growth and curiosity in all of her students. Urban Sadhana was a very worthwhile experience, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to expand their meditation practice and knowledge of yoga.

— Caroline, Yoga Teacher


Nuria has a lifetime of knowledge that she makes accessible to all––her words are filled with wisdom and authenticity. I highly recommend Urban Sādhana Level I for anyone interested in reconnecting/creating their own meditation practice, discovering how to live in accordance with Ayurveda, and learning about the roots of pranayama.

— Carmen, Yoga Student


MODULE ONE  | Finding Your Seat

MODULE FOUR  | Ethics + Enlightenment

  • Origins of the practice

  • Applying ancient practices to modern life

  • Finding your "seat" or how to sit comfortably for your body

MODULE TWO  | Breathing Basics

  • The science behind breathing for optimal health

  • Identify your breathing blocks

  • Breath as a means to liberation

MODULE THREE  | Balance + Lifestyle  

  • Basics of Ayurveda: Yoga’s “Sister Science”

  • Learn your “dosha” (unique constitution)

  • How to use the yoga practices for self-healing

  • The famous Yamas and Niyamas and other less well-known codes of conduct

  • Modern life application of these ancient value systems

  • Clear your blocks and walk with integrity

MODULE FIVE  | Subtle Body System

  • The main energy systems of the body, the Nadis, and the Chakras

  • How to harness the power of these systems for healing and growth

  • Bandhas (locks) and how we use them in breathwork

MODULE SIX | Self Knowledge + Freedom

  • Life through the lens of non-duality

  • Get to know the true nature of yourself  

  • How to alleviate suffering in your life through self-knowledge


Urban Sadhana is a platform for expansion. With layers of wisdom woven and weaving into the bodies of a circle of breathers and

be-ers, space for the delicacy and abundance of breath is held throughout Urban Sadhana.

The composition and structure of the Urban Sadhana classes allowed me to merge from them, into a more independent practice while still being supported by the teachings of Urban Sadhana. Not only was my understanding of pranayama and my meditation practice fostered during Urban Sadhana, my knowledge of Ayurveda, body systems such as nadis and chakras, mudras, tantra, ethics as well as the evolution of yoga expanded immensely. These topics beyond meditation cushioned the simple yet powerful breath practice with a purpose. Each of the rich bits of wisdom I have harvested from Urban Sadhana has a distinct and essential flavor and when accompanying each other, make for a satiated, still, present and grateful me.

— Miles, Yoga Student