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Why Meditate?

Because there is a battle going on in the hearts of mankind and meditation is the sword!

Jokes aside, if you’ve ever wondered why you should meditate let this is your answer. All of us carry the seeds for both good and evil in hearts and how we address them internally determines our effect on the world.

You see, meditation isn’t about achieving a transcendent state of bliss but rather about gardening the field of our hearts so that goodness prevails.

Meditation is the tool to heal the seeds of darkness within you.

Everyone carries this potential and it is everyone’s individual responsibility to look into their own heart and respond accordingly. It is only in meditation that one can look that deeply and heal on the most profound level, the spiritual level.

Now more than ever before the world needs us to do this work. What we perceive as "shadow" in the world represents fully grown weeds of the heart. This is not new, these shadows have been growing for a long time.

A daily practice of deep self inquiry and healing is one thing you can do that will tip us in the direction of goodness. I hope you'll join me in this.

If you need a reminder on meditation or need new tools, my course, Urban Sādhana, can help you win this epic battle between good and evil!