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What is Somatic Based Coaching? And why sex + power?

Somatic based coaching is not therapy and it's not yoga. It is the one thing I've found that can transform (almost) anything.

In order to create lasting change you have create a shift on the level of the nervous system, then integrate that shift into the whole of the bodymind* and your life.

And this, my friend, is how somatic based coaching works!

Let me tell you, I have tried literally everything: MDMA therapy, EMDR, psychoanalysis, plant stuff, energy healing, shamanic work, past life regressions, yoga stuff, nuerotherapy, and more...

Don't get me wrong, all of these techniques are amazing! I have noticed in myself and many others that on their own these modalities often do not go deep enough in the nervous system and/or they lack integration to create a sustainable shift. This is where somatic based coaching is an excellent compliment!

For me, this work transformed samskaras/pain/trauma that I had been working on for 20 years in weeks, weeks!

While this may sound too good to be true, it's not. It's available to you. All you need is your bodymind, your breath and a good guide. That's the magic! There's no fallacy of something outside of yourself being the missing ingredient - what you seek is already inside you (not a cliche, truth).

Why Love/Sex/Power and why now?

By and large our culture has a broken relationship with these realms of humanity. Power is seen as abusive, love as manipulation and sex as dirty. These are realms of society in which we need to bring more consciousness. They are part of our collective and personal shadow.

If you've been here for a while you know that is is my jam! I'm not afraid of the dark. I don't shirk from depth, and because you are here, I imagine you resonate with this too.

And, not a minute too late...

I truly wish Putin could know the depth of love available to him, the deep satisfaction of conscious pleasure, and most importantly, what it's like to have real power. Real power is power that comes from within rather than power over others.

But, what we resist, persists and what we do not feel we can not heal...and in this society we so urgently need to heal our relationship with Love/Sex/Power.

You may be thinking that it's unspiritual to desire power or pleasure. That we should be focusing on "higher states". We can not bypass the work of facing shadow in favor of light and positivity. The realm of shadow holds the key to our personal and interpersonal healing.

These areas of Love/Sex/Power are not shameful or unspiritual but triggering because our society holds so much unintegrated junk around them!

I am here to shift that paradigm and loudly proclaim, "There is nothing wrong with the pursuit of power or pleasure when it is done from consciousness and not from shadow!"

How does this impact you?

Well, this is the next level of my work and I want to share it with you!

  1. Guiding women with a "sex issue" of any kind find peace and pleasure in their bodies and lives.

  2. Coaching men (who historically hold a lot of power in society) to become conscious welders of power and pleasure and be next level leaders (and lovers😏)!

  3. Empowering everyone who identifies as a woman or has been oppressed by their gender to activate their spiritual authority and leadership and feel safe being powerful.

  4. I want the whole world to know deep love and the wildest pleasure.

Pleasure is the key because it is the opposite of everything we've been conditioned to believe is powerful (especially as women) and through pleasure we can rewire our nervous systems quickly.

Mark my words, this movement is what's next.

With love and pleasure,

x nuria

*Bodymind is the term used to describe our body and mind which are actually one package. This is an important because when the bodymind is not addressed as a whole a split can be created between the thinking mind (I am powerful!) and the feeling body(I feel scared of my power!). This split creates a loop of suffering which can't be broken until the two are integrated (I know I am powerful and I feel safe in my power). Our bodymind is so wise 🤯

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