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What do building a road and meditation have in common?

In my most recent meditation course we worked on themes of cultivating radical self love and internal safety.

Internal safety is, in my experience, the most critical part of our spiritual practice.

When we feel internally safe (not externally because lions, diseases, racism, etc) we judge, criticize, react, blame and shame less. Feeling safe is the foundation of lasting growth.

If you think about it, a lot of the problems personal development purports to solve, like confidence, love and success, stem from a lack of safety. When we learn to cultivate a sense of internal safety we can can grow in ways that scare us.

Retraining our nervous systems (to feel safe or any other feeling, like pleasure) can be likened to building a road. Before any cars can drive on the new road the path has to be cleared, then many layers of road base go down, then the road roller, then more road base. Eventually, cars can drive on it.

Replace road with nerves and brain, meditation technique with engineer and practice with the road roller and you've got a neuroplasticity.

Is the human system not the most amazing thing?! 🤯

This has been my lived experience. When I shifted my daily practice towards internal safety, spiritual concepts like compassion, liberation, and expansion became my lived reality. It didn't happen overnight, just like building a road it took time and many, many passes of the road roller...

If this sounds interesting, I invite you to build a road towards radical self love and internal safety here.

Much love and road rolling,



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