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The Pagan Truth of "Sacred" Sundays

Do you have a Sacred Sunday Practice or does the mundane overwhelm the profound on this day?

Welcome to Sacred Sunday! An offering of spiritual exploration and delightful somatic embodiment.

In ancient times, our pagan ancestors (if you're of European descent) worshipped the Sun as the giver of life, light and energy. "Sunday" was consequently named after this energy and personified as a deity. Sunna, the Norse goddess of the Sun and Sol, the Roman god of purity and light are two examples. The pagans worshipped the Sun through movement, ritual, song, and celebration.

Sound familiar?

As is the way of conquering empires, the old traditions were sublimated into the new orthodoxy. First as the ancient gods of Rome, then the Christian system incorporated this practice as Sun (day) worship.

I'm a wildly spiritual anthropologist on a mission to heal the world. I deeply understand the importance of meaning-making and rituals to us humans. This ability is what sets us apart from our animal friends.

Are we really human without myths, rituals, rites of passage and initiations? Or are we machines?

Through my own life and work with clients, I've found that most people are starving for meaning and connection to their greatness.

Ritual creation makes the ordinary sacred and life comes alive in sparkly technicolor magic.

In Anthropology, we loosely define a ritual as involving different actions from everyday life or the same action with a different purpose or intention. Rituals have a clear beginning and end - they often have tools and practices.

This alteration of mundane reality opens up a liminal space where we access different levels of consciousness. It is profoundly healing to the parts of our brain that are ancient and primal.

By cultivating a Sunday Practice, we enter this liminal space and connect to our greatness - the symbolic meaning of the "Sun." The Sun represents our Inner Self, the pure and constant shining piece of who we are - consciousness. Intrigued?

Here are a few easy ritual ideas for your Sunday Practice:

  • If you always do the same thing, consciously create a new experience to connect with your Inner Self. Set a beginning and end time for this new ritual.

  • Take yourself to a sunny spot, feel the joy of the warmth on your face, and journal.

  • Do the same thing you always do, but with a new intention - can you connect to your inner self while folding the laundry? See how you feel with this level of purpose in your mundane activities.

I've long felt the sacredness of Sundays, a day of celebration and presence. Whatever spiritual path you walk, you too will feel the sacredness of Sundays. With so much love and sacredness, x nuria


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