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3 Ways to Awaken and Activate the Pelvis and Your Creative/Sexual Energy for Healing

When I first started my pelvis, low back, and hip healing journey I was in pain every day!

My creative expression was based on what I thought others wanted to see...

I feared my own sexual energy....

And I had little to no awareness of my hips and pelvis. My alignment in yoga showed this - I moved from my back not my hips which led to chronic pain and overuse and eventually landed me in physical therapy.

This is what we call a dark or obscure area in the body/mind/spirit complex.

A dark area in the body is a space that has not been brought into our awareness yet, usually due to trauma. Often, it is also the area that holds the key to our greatest happiness and power.

Through the guidance of wonderful teachers and healers, I began to cultivate awareness in these previously obscure places and in doing so my energy and body shifted dramatically.

Now I do these simple and potent practices every day as a part of continually healing my own trauma.

There’s great power in gentle breathing and moving the body with awareness on both the physical and the metaphysical level.

The first two practices:

  1. Seated bound angle pelvis rocking

  2. Wide-legged pelvis circles

Are intended to build neuro-muscular pathways into the area of the hips, legs, and pelvic floor (PF). This creates awareness and awareness is key to creating lasting change.

The third exercise is:

3. Pelvis to Heart Breath

The flow of the breath up to the heart then back down to the pelvis is designed to generate feelings of loving acceptance for our pelvis and pelvic floor. I do it in sets of three. From back to front then front to back.

I've found it very for healing for myself, and folks who’ve experienced sexual trauma, to connect the pelvis to the heart. This is because so many of our core wounds are maintained by a lack of self-love and self-acceptance.

We hate the part of ourselves that’s been hurt rather than loving it, love being what it needs to heal.

Self-hate can look like rejection, resistance, tension, numbness, anger, denial, and a desire to “fix what’s wrong with me”.

These practices are not for fixing anything that is wrong with you! There's nothing wrong with you. Rather, the gentle act of linking our sexual and creative center to the heart with breath creates a subtle but powerful inner paradigm shift.

Try it and let me know if it works for you!

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