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Transmuting Pain with Compassion - The Inner Welcome

This practice is the foundation of self-healing and lasting transformation. I call it "The Inner Welcome" as it teaches us on a somatic level how to be compassionate to ourselves.

The unintegrated parts of bodymind speak to us in the form of sensation, emotion, or thought. Through this practice, you can begin to create a foundation of integration within yourself. 


You'll use the tool of awareness, acceptance, and understanding to cultivate an internal sense of welcome and compassion. 

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Finding Your Truth + Emotional Alchemy

This practice will help you connect to your truth, which is an incredible source of power, and transmute whatever is arising in the present moment into energy for your life.


You'll use three tools; welcoming, deep feeling and blending with pleasure, to alchemize your nervous system and open up to greater levels of joy and gratitude.

Remember, you can always pause the recording and take as long as you need. 

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