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1-1 lineage healing and ancestral awakening  

Image by Sigita Danil

embodied Animism is for those who long for an authentic and ancient spiritual practice

Awaken ancient Ancestral Wisdom and practices

Heal ancestral trauma patterns

Embrace your unique spiritual gifts

Unlearn colonial & christian Programming


For so long, I felt bereft of place and lineage.

Longing for belonging, I sought an authentic spiritual path within existing indigenous traditions. Yet, I realized I was borrowing, lacking a connection to my own heritage. With a Swedish mother and diverse European roots from my American father, the ancestral practices and ties to the land were long forgotten. Centuries of oppression, trauma, and migration erased these from my lineage. Paradoxically, my people then inflicted on indigenous communities what had been inflicted on them.

Perhaps you've sensed this too - during yoga, Amazonian plant medicine ceremonies, or Buddhist mantras - the yearning to reclaim YOUR ancestral lineage, tools, and medicines.

I decided to end the cycle of traumatic reenactment and embrace the echoes in my blood and bones. My DNA recalled an older way, never truly lost, merely forgotten.

This journey is a sacred remembrance of the ancient paths walked by your ancestors.

I believe mainstream spiritual and healing programs often ignore this vital aspect: YOUR origins, your ancestors' stories, and the healing potency in these connections.


We're not blank slates; our complexity is shaped by ancestral experiences and societal conditioning.


To truly heal and transform ourselves and our culture, we must integrate our lineage, guided by someone who's walked this path.

You deserve an authentic practice, a connection to ancestors, and an empowered perspective on your European lineage. It holds keys to profound healing and empowerment - the very keys you seek in other traditions.

Through this journey, I transitioned from confusion and guilt about my ancestry to embracing its healing gift.


I now stand confidently in my ancestral lineage and unique power 


and you can too.

Embody an authentic spirituality that transforms your lineage, creating ripples that shift our collective culture.

Given our diverse cultural backgrounds, all are embraced here. 


This journey is for those genuinely seeking the ancient ways of their ancestors to discover truth and empowerment. Our sessions provide a non-judgmental, secure space to share your unique heritage.


What is remarkable is that through this work, everything transforms.

This is because when ancestral practices awaken, your whole worldview shifts - life becomes more vibrant and connected, divine support guides you, and authenticity thrives.

After our journey, you can expect to:

  • Embrace your distinct spiritual lineage

  • Craft your ancestral practices

  • Heal and stand in your lineage's power 

  • Dispel ancestral trauma

  • Integrate shame, fear, and loss

  • Embrace your potent, spiritual self

  • Trust nature's ancient guidance

  • Heal the "witch wound" and embrace authenticity

  • Practice in integrity with living indigenous traditions

 Embark on this transformative journey and unlock the magic within your heritage 

  • fifteen 75-minute Zoom sessions thoughtfully spaced over five months (3 weeks on, 1 week off)

  • tailored practices, and audio recordings to integrate your growth between sessions

  • Continuous support and accountability, ensuring your journey is guided and successful

  • Trauma-informed care meticulously designed for you and your holistic well-being

The investment is $765/per month
(longer Payment plans available by request)




Working with Nuria is transformative and deep. 

Her ability to see me fully and meet me as I am is vast and rich. She carefully crafts and curates each session weaving the present moment and the intention of the journey together.

She’s the teacher for me after years of studying Yoga, IFS therapy, & sitting with sacred medicine.


Thank you thank you thank you, Nuria, for helping me come home to myself.


I have tried many different modes of therapy to relieve my family of origin trauma symptoms – as well as trauma from life. Talk therapy (CBT), EMDR, self help books by the dozens, and flat-out denial have all helped in their own way. But the one mode I keep returning to is somatic coaching with Nuria Reed. For me, it has been the most effective at reaching the very deep core wounds such as fear of abandonment, feeling unworthy, and feeling inadequate, to name a few. The completely non-judgmental somatic work with Nuria has allowed me to address all of these. I have seen the changes through relating better to family and friends, fewer triggers by things related to past traumas and less judgment of others’ actions or words. 


I highly recommend Nuria’s somatic coaching. Not to mention, she is just a wonderful human being.

  Next steps    


Let's connect!

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Pricing transparency

This level of work is a speciality and requires years of self-study and training. My pricing is based on this level specialization, where I live in the world and my commitment to thriving so I can help others thrive.

I look forward to connecting with you!

x nuria

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