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Sexual Animism

1-1 somatic sexuality coaching 


Sexual Animism is for those who know that sacred sexual well-being is their birthright 

Liberate your sexuality

 integrate ancestral wounding

Empower your pleasure

Revive your vitality 

I get it.


Sex can be hard. It can feel isolating and embarrassing to be the one with the "issue."


Maybe you've tried talk therapy, read books, or done something more profound, like psychedelics, and still haven't gotten the desired results.


You're starting to wonder what's wrong with me… 


Let me tell you, you're not flawed.


You just haven't gone deep enough into the nervous system yet...

This is where I find most mainstream sex therapy programs to be lacking. They don't go deep enough and aren't specific and sex-positive enough. 


Because sex happens in our body (not our heads), we must go deep into the nervous system to unwind the old conditioning, the traumas, and the cultural/social/religious conditioning we've accumulated.


We have to do it with guidance from someone who gets it and in a sex-positive environment.


It's not you that's got the issue; it's what's been happening to you and around you!


Trust me.


If I could grow from a sexually shut down, terrified girl to fully embodied in my empowered woman self, you can heal too. 


If I could go from having clitoral orgasms resulting from fantasies that gave me so much shame to multi-orgasmic just from being alive in nature


You. Can. Too. 

Sexual Animism is a personalized healing journey.
Together, we uncover you desires and integrate what's in the way.

My clients have worked with pelvic pain, disconnection from their bodies, lack of desire, lack of sensation, shameful fantasies, ED, addiction to toys, and so much more. Our sessions are a judgment-free and safe space to work what’s happening to you. 


What I find notable is in addition to helping them get results in their desired area, they become much more powerful, confident, assertive, and liberated. 


This is because when we heal sexuality, we heal holistically - all aspects of ourselves get addressed; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

After our work together, you can expect to: 


  • Feel safe to feel pleasure in your body with or without a partner

  • Orgasm without using a toy or shameful fantasy

  • Communicate what you want with your partner(s)

  • Feel whole even if there are still lingering issues

  • Know you are not broken

  • Know how to create pleasure, joy, and safety for yourself

  • Feel alive again

  • Feel empowered by your sexuality and pleasure

  • Feel confident being seen as the radiant sexual being you are

  • Take up space in the world

  • No longer be bogged down by social/cultural/religious/familial conditioning

Embark on a profound journey of sexual healing and empowerment

  • Nine 75-minute Zoom sessions thoughtfully spaced over two months

  • In-depth notes, tailored practices, and audio recordings to integrate your growth between sessions

  • Continuous support and accountability, ensuring your journey is guided and successful

  • Trauma-informed care meticulously designed for you and your holistic well-being


The investment is $2200 
(Payment plans and sliding scale available by request)

  Next steps    


Let's connect over a virtual coffee date!

Schedule your free 45-minute session and have all your questions answered.


Ready to dive in?

Begin the journey

Apply here

I look forward to connecting with you!

x nuria

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